IKEA Blue Yeezy Boost 350 V2 breaks the internet!

Internet goes crazy over a IKEA yeezy 350 V2 made by instagram user: @mache275, who also happened to be creating his own custom sneakers too.

The hype started when Balenciaga made its own Ikea Frakta shopping bag. The IKEA bag just cost less than a dollar(USD) but when Balenciaga got its inspiration out of it, it already cost 2 grand plus

Well I destroyed my cream white Yeezys so what better way to salvage them then to give in and hop on the IKEA wave lol. Even though this type of custom was inevitable I had seen the @brucehatoo photoshop floating around so I wanted to give the man some props as well. This was meant to be corny and fun, it was a nice break from being serious all the time lol. – @Mache275

Since then internet went crazy when people started making things out of an Ikea bag. A pair of hype YeezyBoost 350 V2 was also turned into an Ikea-inspired item lately. @Mache275 used his own Cream White 350 V2 and colored the, all in IKEA blue.  He added a yellow strike accent and topped in with IKEA writing.

He also gave props to another instagram user, @brucehatoo, who also initiated the hype for IKEA Yeezy 350 V2, when he posted a rendition of the custom YEEZY inspired by IKEA.

There’s also another one we just saw roaming around. An IKEA Js…

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