Nike unveils new Pinoy-inspired Lebron 14’s Agimat/ Amulet

Superstitious or not, sneakerheads will love the new Lebron 14 colorway. Inspired by Lebron’s recent visit in the Philippines, the King truly show his love for the Pinoy fans.


Nike Lebron 14 Agimat

This latest colorway of LeBron 14 aka Agimat(Amulet) will be released in the Philippines ahead of its official Worldwide release date. Whether you like it or not, fan or hater of Lebron, the Lebron 14 Agimat will be one of the most talked about signature basketball shoe in the Philippines

What if: Lonzo Ball’s ZO2: PRIME gets signed by the Big 3 Sneaker brands?

So the Big Baller Brand is getting rounds in the internet and roasted without. Nice Kicks posts an interesting question, which pretty sums up the what if? This is after BBB, Big Baller Brand announced the Lonzo Ball ZO2: Prime basketball sneakers

What if its signed up with Nike, Adidas or Under Armour will it make a difference?


Photo from Nice Kicks


Just like what ESPN previously published, the Balls were looking into a partnership with PEAK, Li-Ning and Anta for the Big Baller brand.

The Lonzo Ball signature shoe ZO2: PRIME is priced at $495.00. Are you gonna cop a pair?

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